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5 Tips for Gaining Facebook Likes

Dear Ashley,

I want to gain more Facebook likes for my business page?

Do you have any tips?

Thank you, Susan W.

Facebook can be a great tool for finding and connecting with your target audience. I get requests for advice for particular social media sites and each one has its own strategies. It's true that if you "pay to play," you will gain Facebook likes and followers using Facebook ads. The good news is you can still gain social influence without paying for it. Here are my top five tips for gaining Facebook likes without feeding the beast.

1. Create Relevant Content

Creating a business Facebook page is a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field and captivate your readers’ attention. Consider topics that focus on relevant keywords and relate back to your website or business. Your page gives your site a voice, so let your business’ personality shine through. For example, if you are marketing a local hotel, post content about the surrounding area and fun things for the guest to do.

2. Add Hashtags

You can also add hashtags (#vacation #dream #summer) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content. Hashtags help aggregate relevant content on the search feed of Facebook. But weary of overusing hashtags because it will start to look impersonal. #winning

3. Get Personal

The users that are most engaged with Facebook are those that are natural brand ambassadors. They like your product or business already, so cater your message to them and they will be more likely to share your posts and gain new followers. Find new brand ambassadors by joining Facebook groups that relate to your business.

4. Use Your Email List

If you have an email list, create an email blast that links back to your business Facebook page. Create an incentive for them to like your page and you will see an increase in engagement and likes.

5. Add a Video Facebook Cover

Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement. The image or video should grab the reader's attention. You can use this space to promote a current special or to highlight one of the features of your business. See an example here:

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