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Four Steps to Get Your Startup Started

Read this quick one-minute article to get a quick playbook of how to get your startup started.

1. Get a Google My Business

The best free way to promote your business is Google's, Google My Business. You can get a free website and a ton of SEO opportunities. Stuck on how to get started? Send us a message.

2. Work with Ashley Dear for a Custom Logo

We have worked with a ton of local clients to get their perfect custom logo. View our current list of clients to see some of our work.

3. Get a Business Card

Once you get your branded look, we can help you design the perfect business card. We specialize in gold foil accents to give your card that extra special pop!

4. Work with Ashley Dear to Create a One-Sheet

Traditional marketing works in tandem with digital marketing. Work with us to create a physical one-sheet to promote your business with a visual pitch.

That it! Those four things will help your startup get started. Ready to go to the next step? Sign up for a free marketing session.

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