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Ashley Dear vs. Other Marketing Agencies

Dear Ashley,

What sets Ashley Dear apart from the other marketing agencies?

Max R.

Stand back, I goat this

Max, you are quite the smart cookie to do your research before a financial commitment. Businesses have various needs for goals they are trying to accomplish. Marketing agencies are responsible for meeting those goals and more important setting attainable metrics.

When you are hiring a marketing agencies to represent your brand, you aren't hiring mindless drones that produce material without thought or process. You are hiring someone with a skill set to execute your project with results.

Which brings me to my first point on why Ashley Dear is different from other marketing agencies.


Ashley Dear is shaking up the marketing game by putting our rates on our service page. Try and find one marketing agency that has a price list of their services. Go ahead, I'll make some tea, it might be awhile. The fact is you won't find a SINGLE local marketing agency that displays their rates online. Why you ask? Well, Max and fellow readers I'll let you in on a dirty marketing agencies secret...


Traditional marketing agencies have a decent amount of overhead. Payroll, rent, personal branding etc. can factor into YOUR bottom line. They have a fixed expenses just like any other business and calculate what they should be making per client. Once they have the lowest barometer the business can sustain, they go after "bigger fish," can charge accordingly. For example Holly's Candy Sweet Shop is being charged $500 per month for social media services while Dr. Smiles, a much larger company and has more capital income, is being charged $1000 for the same social media services. Marketing agencies see $$$ and put on the big squeeze. Often they make you sign retainer contracts that are meant to being confusing to businesses.

Ashley Dear is leveling the playground to all businesses. No contract, we charge $30 an hour or $99 for project specific packages. Utilize marketing when you need it, don't pay to keep their lights on. See the whole line up here.

Being a local matters

If you hire a marketing agency from out of state, how are they going to know their audience? Even if you hire an agency from Denver, will they know what a Jerry is?

Are they a Jerry and they don't even know it?

My point is if you hire a local that shops at all the same stores that you do, charges down the same ski run as you do and is available to sit down at a local coffee store and have a java power session, you will get a marketing agency that understand their market. Which is why Ashley Dear has decided to serve Summit County, Colorado exclusively. No "see you next Tuesday," Denver marketing agency. Ashley Dear is located in Frisco, Colorado, the hub of Summit County.

Areas of Focus

Marketing agencies sometimes tout that they can be your magic genie for everything marketing. Have you ever heard the saying, "jack of all trades but a master of none?" Agencies that use this strategy aren't putting their best foot forward. Or any foot at all, they are mostly skipping around areas of focus like a small school child during recess. Ashley Dear focuses on what we are passionate about and quite frankly good at. Results matter. Don't hire a marketing agency that can "do everything." Hire an agency that can give you quantifiable metrics. For example, we know we are not good at car wrap designs, we wouldn't take on a project that will produce subpar results. Ashley Dear is proficient in the areas of service we provide. Side note, local business House of Signs creates stunning car wraps for any size vehicle.

Getting to Know You

Getting to know all about you. Go ahead, sing it again. I know you you already sang it, give it another go. Do you know how I know you sang it? Our brains are predisposed to receive and react to previously learned song lyrics. If you think that trick is neat, try an hour of complimentary marketing services. I want to get to know your business and give you a free marketing session to layout out a game plan. 60 minutes to discuss social media strategies, lead generation, event planning or graphic design projects.

Whatever your marketing needs are, big or small, Ashley Dear is here to help.

Until next time,

Ashley Dear

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